Review of Songs Of The Poets

"Knockout Show by Calli" 

Read the full 5 star review in The Wirral Globe

"With this marvellous outing Calli has surely not just boosted her mojo but found her forte in showbiz: an ability to interpret a wide range songs but with a fresh and exuberant style. Look out for future shows!"

Five stars 

Lew Baxter - Wirral Globe

Wirral Globe - 5 star review for Calli - Songs of the Poets a tribute to Cohen and Dylan


ladies in bonnets

(Part of the Double-Bill – The Woman’s Voice.)


15th July 7.30pm Melrose Hall Hoylake in aid of Cancer Research

18TH July 7.00pm Wallasey Central Library Wirral

For more ticket information please visit /events

Jane Austen died on 18th July 1817. 200 years after her death, her characters are still vibrant, witty and engaging.

This July, Hand in Hand celebrate her female characters in a short piece giving readings from her famous novels. From Sense and Sensibility,
Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey to Persuasion, her heroines are sometimes innocent, often courageous and outspoken but always loyal and true in matters of the heart.

The character of Jane herself narrates as we learn a little of her life, family and views of the woman’s place in the world of mid-class regency England.

An all-female cast of eight bring to life some of her most memorable characters.

*Please note although characters are in costume and perform dialogue this is not a play with action but a celebration of her words adapted by Bev Clark Hand in Hand are performing in three very different venues so that different audiences and communities may join them in what will be a week of national festivities and events.

Email Tel 07443 643633


BAGGAGE by Bev Clark

Appearing as part of a double bill – The Woman’s Voice

(First play Ladies in Bonnets –extracts from Jane Austen)


Sat 15th July 7.30pm at Melrose Hall Hoylake Free admission with donation to Cancer Research as part of the Wirral Festival of Firsts. Tel. 0151 632 2152

Tues 18th July 7.00pm  Tel. 0151 666 000 or cash on door.



A one-act play: Two women from very different lives forge an unlikely friendship and realise that through tragedy there can be hope.  Sandra is weighed down with her demanding family and no time for herself; trapped in the onset of the menopause, being a mother and a wife.  Annie is homeless; she keeps herself to herself not stealing or begging but she’ll take what’s offered.

She too once had a family but what drove a mother and a wife to be wandering with a shopping trolley and a few possessions?

An act of kindness; some food and a listening ear, allows Annie to slowly unfold her terrible tragedy and Sandra cannot believe how she has coped with all her emotional baggage.

A problem shared doesn’t solve it or even half it… but it’s the first step on the road to discovering there could be another way.

When you see someone on the street, it’s easy to judge but no-one knows that person’s story and sometimes all they need is a hand to reach out and offer friendship.

Bev Clark’s heart felt story is often funny, very thought-provoking and at times very sad. It doesn’t deal with the day-to-day brutal living on the streets directly but uncovers one woman’s back story of why she ended up there.


Further info.  Tel 07443 643633

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Our award in Val Marshall's honour which we donated in 2016 has been won this year by Starlight youth theatre.

MARCH 2017


We had begun our RIP MR SHAKESPEARE production in Jan 2016 and it was to be our final RSC OPENSTAGES project and a tribute to our late member Val Marshall.

This was devised and improvised in early workshops where we explored the ideas and then Keith Hill and I wrote the piece for the ensemble of actors who wanted to be included in the project.  Usually 16 but it varied from performance to performance.

In April we performed The World Museum as a showcase, then Melrose Hall to a full house and then on to the Leverhulme Drama Festival where we were delighted to win Best Play, Best presentation Best comedy performance (Keith Hill) and The AETF Merseyside trophy.

In May we performed the Gladstone Theatre once again at the AETF semi-finals (the final of the Northern Area) and won Best Play and Best Presentation again.  Thus taking us on to the English Finals in Maidenhead in June. With a change of some cast members and some technical issues we still managed to delight the audience and bring home the award for Exceptionally Creativity.

In July we attended the NDFA All Winners final, as the Leverhulme winner but we didn’t perform to our best due to many factors and alas won no more yet we had brilliant time and we were glad of the experience.

In August we performed for the final time at St George’s Hall Liverpool. This amazing venue really gave us something to raise our game and the final show was definitely our best with no pressure of time and competition. We received no less than five 5star reviews.

In September we started working on a version that could be published by New Flight Publications under scripts4stage and on Amazon.  Keith penned a new prologue and with a few other edits and changes from me the new script went into print in October.

In November our first company to pay a licence to perform the show – Broadway Theatre Co on the Isle of Man. They were to perform at the MADF One Act drama festival in Feb 2017 at the Erin Arts centre

In December Hand in Hand Theatre, on the back of our success with RIP, were awarded Arts Ambassadors of Wirral to complete 2016 perfectly.

In February 2017 we were nominated for two NODA awards Best Play and Best staging (results April 30th 2017) and Broadway Theatre Company won Best youth play, Best director, Best actor, Best actress as well as Best sound and lighting with their wonderful version of RIP and everyone was reporting it as a “brilliant production.” So RIP has done us proud and Val’s memory and we send our thanks to the Marshall family who have supported us throughout.

TROPHY: We decided we would like to present an award to Leverhulme youth theatre in Val Marshall’s name and the trophy for Artistic Endeavour was awarded to Little Actors of Neston

We also helped Ian Marshall with an exhibition of Val’s artwork at the floral and with collections at performances raised nearly £400 for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Apart from RIP there were no other major activities but we manage to support other groups with theatre trips. I attended The Royal Holloway University for a conference on Amateur Theatre and Hand in Hand Theatre has been used in their research as one of the national groups in their surveys.

We had a few script-reading evenings, When the Dark Sea Cries and The Ghost Crib both by me and a new play by Keith Hill: One Night Stand which he hopes to develop it further next year.  We had a few new faces join and at the end of January we performed An Edwardian Variety Show for The Round Table’s Winter Warmers at Westbourne Hall which was very well received and a lot of fun.

 Since January we have been planning 2017 with a smaller scale schedule and have planned an afternoon of Shakespeare on 23rd April. (Bill’s Birthday Bash) at Literally Books in New Brighton. In June Calli and Mark Hughes are presenting Dylan and Cohen a concert at the Floral’s Blue lounge.

In July, I am directing a double-bill of two short plays THE WOMAN’S VOICE will be made up of Ladies in Bonnets, a tribute to the writing of Jane Austen 200yrs since her death with an all-female cast and BAGGAGE- a play I have written and published about homelessness and friendship. Joining us for this will be Liverpool-based actresses Geraldine Maloney Judge and Susan Reeve.

Performances due to take place at Melrose Hall, Hoylake 15th July, St George’s Hall 16th July and Wallasey Central Library on 18th July. Details will be published by 1st April 2017.  With further dates possible.

2018 is Hand in Hand Theatre’s 10th anniversary so there are plans a-foot but it’s still secret – which even I don’t know.


Bev Clark

February 2017

Hand in Hand are delighted to be nominated for Best Drama and Best Staging at the Noda NW Awards to be held in Manchester on 30th April.

nominated for noda awards best director best staging best play

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